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Your wholistic lifestyle approach to wellness, and self care.


Our products provide a therapeutic and healing experience, without harming your skin or the environment.  DAMSELFLY SKINCARE products are handcrafted using botanical ingredients infused with essential oils, flowers, and crystals. 


Beauty starts from within...


Therapeutic Skincare Products 


Therapeutic Facial 

Applying Essential Oil

What are the benefits of Crystals in skincare?

While each type of crystal has its distinctive powers, they generally can help soothe, balance, enhance and heal your skin. Some do so by increasing circulation to the top layers of your skin, which encourages more rapid cell regeneration and reveals a bright, healthy and vibrant complexion. DAMSELFLY SKINCARE products have a crystal chip in each one for optimum results.

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What are Crystal Facials?

Crystal facials are a combination of massage, skincare and the principles of Crystal Healing Therapy. This crystal enhanced facial is one of the purest energy healing treatments not only for the skin but also for the mind, body and soul therapeutically.


By using crystal rollers and gua sha tools in lymphatic drainage movements and over our DAMSELFLY SKINCARE applications, you have the following benefits: improve blood circulation and skin tone, promote lymphatic drainage, reduce fluid retention, puffiness, and eliminate toxins.

All facial treatments are offered: Basic facial, Hydrating facial, Vitamin C facial, and Luxe treatment.

*You will be redirected to Grae Wellness website for all bookings. Browse Services>Facial Treatments

Natural Beauty

Eyebrows are indeed important to your overall look and shape of your face. Neatly shaped and arched eyebrows can make you look up to 5 years younger! Giving eyebrows a regular professional shaping with our clipper technique, can give your brows a natural shape that afterwards would just need maintaining every 2 to 3 weeks.

To complete your newly shaped brows, add our brow powder fill in or henna tinting application. In addition, our eye mask patch application will do the trick to brighten those dark circles looking refreshed. Great alternative to waxing. Perfect finish after a facial session.

*You will be redirected to Grae Wellness website for all bookings. Browse Services>Facial Treatments

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