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Damsel Owner, Beauty and Skincare Specialist

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Damsel, is the creator and founder of DAMSELFLY SKINCARE. She received formal training in New York City at The Learning Institute of Beauty Services, and Christine Valmy International School for Aesthetics Skin Care and Make Up Artistry.


Damsel's long term involvement in the music and performing arts, interior design, fashion and beauty industry, has allowed herself to develop into being a creative business-focused professional, with a 27 year career path as a talented makeup artist and skin care specialist to clients ranging from entertainers, models, bridal groups, and her community.


She is passionate and caring with the decided talent for accentuating beauty in each client, as well as minimizing physical and emotional flaws and imperfections. 


You will find Damsel is well focused on creating individual’s needs that exceed expectations, leave you feeling and looking your best. Creating DAMSELFLY SKINCARE product line using herbs, essential oils, and crystals make this skincare brand unique and effective. 

Damsel and DAMSELFLY SKINCARE is now part of the Grae Wellness Team in New York City. The wellness studio is located in Chelsea on 5th Avenue. All services are by appointment only.

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